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2 lbs. Beets a few strips of heavy smoked bacon
Beef bone with meat 2 Tblsp. Flour & ¼ c. water for thickening
2 quarts water 6 allspice, 2 Bayleaves and 6 cloves
1 small onion (diced) ½ tsp. Majoran
1 c. sour cream Sprinkle of a little vinegar
1 Tblsp. sugar salt and pepper to taste
3 good sized potatoes  

Put beef bone, marjoram (Majoran), bayleaves (Lorbeerblätter), allspice (Jamaikapfeffer), cloves (Nelken) and water in a kettle and simmer for a couple hours.

Boil beets in the skins and let cool.  Slip skins off and grate.  Sprinkle a little vinegar over beets to keep red color in. 
When beef broth is ready, remove all spices including bone.  Add  grated  beets.  Pick meat off bone and put back into soup. Add sugar (just enough to have a light sweet and sour taste. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Thicken soup with flour mixed with water. 
Fry chopped bacon pieces and diced onion .  Add to beet soup.  Take off heat and add sour cream.
Note:  We boiled our peeled potatoes (Salz Kartoffel) separatly in salt water.  My mom would put a potato (Salzkartoffel) into our soup bowl and spoon the beet soup over it.      Guten Appetit!