STRAMMER MAX  (Mighty Max )

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Take a slice of solid bread, such as Pumpernickel, Jewish Rye, or German Roggenbrot. For best results, it needs to be a dense bread that does not easily fall apart. If no solid bread is available, use whatever you can get and toast it. Spread the bread with butter or Mayonnaise, or even Miracle whip. What also works, is a Mayo-Mustard spread. For goodness sake, don’t use Margarine.

Add a layer of thick slices of baked ham, preferably from leftover dinner-ham—warm it up a little in the Microwave first. Or you can also use a ½-inch slice of Leberkäse from a German butcher. I hate to even mention it, but if you’re really desperate, even a thick slice of American Bologna would work. 
Fry two eggs, sunny side up in butter. (over easy works too)  Place fried eggs on top of ham and serve with sweet pickle slices.  Drink a decent beer with it—from a glass, not a bottle.  This is a lunch staple found in most pubs in Germany.  It’s easy to prepare, tastes great and is fun to eat.

The easiest way to eat this construct, is to use the European method of using knife-and-fork in unison. It’s like cutting a steak, except that you don’t switch hands and never let go of either utensil (unless you want to take a drink). In other words, the fork remains in your left hand and the knife in your right. Turn the fork tines down and stick into the edge of the sandwich, with a sharp knife—cut behind it to detach a bite-sized piece from the sandwich. Bring the fork up to your mouth—still upside down— and slide it off your fork. Repeat this process until you’re done. If this is too much work, just pick the whole thing up and take a bite. It gets kind of messy though, especially when you get to the yolk.