The Christkindl

Christkindlmarkt 2019

The Christkindl

 Dec 6, 7 & 8

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GAST Christkindlmarkt

Cities and towns throughout Germany, feature Christkindlmarkt, a Christmas Market during December. The most famous one in Nürnberg, has been held since 1692. These outdoor markets are usually set up somewhere in the heart of the city and decked out in seasonal splendor.

Once again, the German-American Society of Tulsa (GAST) provides the citizens of Tulsa with the annual presentation of this wonderful custom.

The Christkindl and St. Nikolaus

The GAST Christkindlmarkt committee and its numerous volunteers transform the GAST Center into a Christmas wonderland which includes many crafters displaying their wares.

GAST booths feature Nutcrackers, Smoker-männle and a great selection of imported Christmas tree ornaments, as well as Germany's famous Christmas Stollen.

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Moreover, Christkindlmarkt offers a variety of Wurst, Kartoffelpuffer, hot apple cider, hot chocolate and coffee. The Christkindl and St. Nikolaus walk among the booths to the delight of the children.  Christkindlmarkt has a "Spielstube" for the children, where they can listen to Christmas stories and partake of the various hands-on activities and goodies set out for them.

Make sure you add this most pleasant of holiday events to your December calendar each year. Good food, fine crafts and musical entertainment await you!